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                                Snapping Necks and Cashing Checks :: John Hubbards MK4 GLI

For every single one of us volkswagen owners there is one car that made us fall in love with the vw scene. Ladies and Gentleman this is the car that did it for me. When it comes to mk4s John has always stressed the term OEM plus. Now for most vw owners the OEM plus look is the “cheap” or easy route to take with a car. For John it isn’t about whether he can afford to change something or not but rather the fact that the car is so perfect already that the changes might actually hurt the physical appearance of the car. The vw scene is about valuing the hard work of an individual’s build and being able to see what they have created out of nothing. John has most certainly created something worth looking at… the pure class and simplicity of his GLI is what makes it so beautiful. While he may not be sitting on four thousand dollar wheels he continues to break necks almost everywhere he goes.

                                                                 Anthony Brown :: Clean N Classy

Some of our coverage from Tuner Evolution 2013 in Philly. It was a real fun weekend. Got to see some awesome cars. Thanks again Jay!

A shot of Cory’s car (Top) and a clean Bugeye 

Some of the shots from the #Shrinkallthecarsmeet in Philly. Got there a little late so these pics are from the King of Prussia Mall. It was a great day anyway and we raised tons of money for Cory Burgess. Thanks for coming out guys!!!

Check out some of our shots from Dubs on Defrost 6!

MK1 Rabbit (scrape_somethin)  | DeRaffele Photography

MK4 20th GTI | DeRaffele Photography

MK4 Jetta GLI | Annattone Photography